2012年4月11日 18時18分

Temporary Housing Cartes

    "Temporary Housing Cartes" that we have started in February.
    Each NGO comes to IDRAC Head Office and writes down reports of its activities.

    The "cartes" are set on a desk in the office, categorized by color according to the locations of over 100 temporary houses in Ishinomaki (approximately 7,000 households).

    It could be only Ishinomaki that has such information sharing system.
    Dates and content of the activities are written in comments on the cartes as well.
    We plan to allow each organization to see the cartes as the reference for new activities, as well as to share the information with Ishinomaki City and Ishinomaki City Social Welfare Council to help the city to grasp the updated situation.

    We have made a summary list of the cartes in our head office.
    Making a copy is prohibited, but we plan to share it in the next Temporary Housing Salon Support Network Meeting.

    Although such reporting could be a huge burden to organizations working hard everyday, but in order to support future recovery assistance in Ishinomaki as well as in any future disaster, we kindly ask all the registered organizations to take their precious time to fill in the cartes.
    We would like to sincerely thank all the organizations for their support and cooperation.

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