Prospective Organizations

 -      Organization Registration

For those planning to come to Ishinomaki for relief projects, we highly recommend you to visit the Ishinomaki City Disaster Volunteer Center (Japanese) first, then to register with the IDRAC for a more efficient and productive work.

-      Information Gathering

Each organization and individuals visit the shelters and repeatedly ask questions for the basic information and the material need information which the local administration already has; as a result, we hear voices from the shelters like “We’re asked the same thing over and over again” and “We don’t even know who they are.”
       The IDRAC also has daily-updated information of shelter maps and material distributions, so please visit us before running the inquiries.

-      Relief Goods

    The material aids have been distributed from both public and private sectors for more than three months since the disaster and so the material needs are being fulfilled. Also on October 11th, all the shelters and evacuations centers in Ishinomaki have been closed. Thus, we do not accept any general material aids through post mails. 
    Thank you for your understanding.

-      Tent Site Regulation (Completed on September 30th, with the closure of the tent site)

The Ishinomaki City Disaster Volunteer Center and the IDRAC do not provide any housing, food, electricity, and internet. Please come to Ishinomaki with all the necessary equipments. 

To the courtesy of the Ishinomaki Senshu University, the volunteers were allowed to use the parking lot on the bank, the certain areas for tents, and portable toilets.

As the number of volunteers increased, we made the tent site regulations. We kindly ask you to follow the regulations, when you stay at the Ishinomaki Senshu University.

-      Independent Activity

        Now, there are 12 program committees, and each organization works within one of the committees. For those willing to do relief activity that does not belong to any of the program committees, please present the activity plan to the IDRAC to discuss the possibility of the project and cooperation with other organizations. (See also Program Areas)

        In order to support the recovery of the affected area and operate long-term recovery assistance, we would like to kindly ask you to cooperate well within the IDRAC. 

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